Wine is one of life’s finest pleasures. I didn’t grasp the truth of this statement until I began exploring wine for myself, learning what makes a wine appealing to me. I would like to share my discoveries with you, gentle reader. 🙂 This blog will be humorous, passionate, unpretentious yet opinionated. My goal is to record my reactions to the wines I have tried, and for the ones I’ve given the thumbs up, why I think you would enjoy them. I want to help those people who are hovering timidly in the corner to grab a glass, swirl, sniff, sip, swallow, spit, and become confident as they have fun exploring and developing their own tastes. I will shine the spotlight on affordable wines whenever possible, but I won’t withold the fantastic splurges you should try, either.

Wine can be challenging as it asks you to engage all your senses in its enjoyment… it is complex and tells a story. But the discovery process should be fun and relaxed, not cerebral or high-brow. Join me on the journey of the rambling vine!

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