Here are The Rambling Vine’s favorite resources for learning about wine. This is by no means intended to be exhaustive, but hopefully is a good starting point with a few helpful things to take with you.

*Am I missing something great? Let me know. Your suggestions are more than welcome! 🙂

Some books on wine I have enjoyed, either for the educational factor or entertainment value, or sometimes both!


The Everyday Guide to Wine
This is an excellent course that I have gone through. Whether you’re brand new to wine or a seasoned enthusiast, this course is extremely thorough and informative. It has been an especially great way to spend a pandemic! 😉

Le Nez du Vin Wine Aroma Master Kit
This is an awesome way to train your sense of smell using the 54 most common wine aromas. With proper care this kit of essential oils will last up to a decade (for smelling only). I have found it to be really fun and it has aided me in recognizing and differentiating between the more subtle aromas of wines. It comes with a great book which explains which types of wines exhibit which aromas.


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