Life Lessons From the Super Bowl

It’s February 3, 2014, and the Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl Champions! This was our year! What an amazing game to behold and cheer on. More importantly, it is my 7-year wedding anniversary, and I am thrilled to celebrate with my wonderful husband tonight with some fine steak and, of course, fine wine.

This post is more rambling than vine, but I wanted to share what football has taught me… and this is coming from a total non-jock who typically is only mildly interested in the Super Bowl every year. 🙂

No one player is greater than the rest of the team. The Seahawks are your case in point. All play unique roles and all are important. When you happen to find yourself in a position of superiority, glamour, or prestige, never look down on your other teammates. When you are in a position of inferiority, remember your value and importance in your role and don’t waste time and energy envying the other positions. Every job has its challenges. Be gracious to your teammates who are doing the best they can.

Be nimble, adaptable, and flexible, because things can all change at a moment’s notice.

Just because you carry “names” with you that the media throws at you (best quarterback, worst defense, etc.) does not mean those words define you. Only your performance defines you professionally. You can choose to allow those words to become your identity or leave them be.

Life’s highs and victories go so fast. Enjoy them. Let the Gatorade soak you to the bone.

When you lose, lose with dignity. It’s not necessarily a reflection on you and your worth as a person. After all, it’s just a game.

Don’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect the same results. Be willing to take risks and try new things in order to score points.

Football is very hard on your body, and you only have so many years in the game. If you want to stay in it longer, take great care of yourself and improve the odds.

You cannot control what or who comes at you. But you can control how you respond and react.

And finally… beer goes better with football. 🙂


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